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Home Depot Dumpster Rental in Florida

Home Depot used to rent dumpsters here in Florida and in the rest of the U.S. through the Home Depot Dumpster Rental program.  At the Contractor Desk or in the Tool Rental Department of your local Home Depot, you could get a flyer with pictures of dumpsters and a phone number to call to rent a dumpster through the Home Depot Dumpster Rental program.


Home Depot Dumpster Rentals were always a little more expensive to rent and a little harder to get, and they sometimes took two weeks to deliver.  Home Depot Dumpster Rental would subcontract dumpster deliveries to companies like us, Alpha Dumpsters. 


We had many dumpsters painted Home Depot orange, like in the picture above, that we would deliver to the Home Depot Dumpster Rental customers in Florida.  We learned from the mistakes of the Home Deport Dumpster Rental program.  We take great care to make sure you get the right size dumpster for your project and that you pay a low flat rate.  There are a number of dumpster rental companies in your area to choose from.  Don’t make the mistake of choosing a company that charges extra for delivery or fuel and environmental surcharges.  


We rent dumpsters at a very low cost to home owners, business owners, and contractors.  We rent dumpsters for home clean-outs, yard clean-ups, remodeling projects, new construction, demolitions, and just about anything else you can think of.


This site was set up for people looking to rent a dumpster from Home Depot; however, with Home Depot no longer running the dumpster rental program, please turn to the local company Home Depot chose in Florida to deliver dumpsters for them - Alpha Dumpsters!


You can call us at (866) 544-7732 to speak to a live person who can help you decide what size dumpster will work for your job, or you can click one of the links below to see the dumpster rental rates in your area…

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